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irish you an Irish Blessing

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Well, at least I’m ready for tomorrow…. maybe the zapatos below are a tad bit inappropiate for daydrinking by the beach in the eminent rain; however I’m hoping w little Irish luck will make it all make senseĀ EOD.

Bag Lady

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Some of my favorites for current…. believe the hype..


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I’ve decided that if I had to wear a daily uniform, it would most likely consist of a great fitting, lux fabric basic white shirt (slanging in my white tee) and leather or leather-like (coated denim perhaps)? skinnies. Something so chic and effortless about the ensemble…

How fast can you have your bags packed for Milan?

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CNC Costume National


Just Cavalli


Les Copains


alberta ferretti

john richmond

simonetta ravizza

27 going on 12

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Cute online app from our friends at Chanel. Yes, the hallmark holiday has come and gone, but still a fun way to celebrate fashion weeks abroad…

And yes, I’m twelve.

Ooooo -mbre!

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Slighly obesssed with all thing ombre…